PowerProbe Timing Analyzer

The Timing Analyzer is a small, but very helpful Tool and can attached to a Debugger/Trace System. Iit is designed for low and middle Speed Targets. It contains Timing Analyzer, Pattern Generator, Pulse Generator and a Async Trigger System.

  • Timing Analyzer up to 400 MHz
  • State Analyzer up to 100MHz
  • 64 Input Channels 256K-Frame
  • Transient Recording
  • Simple Trigger (High, Low, Rising, Falling)
  • Complex Trigger 4 Levels, 3 Counters
  • Time Correlation to all other Trace-Systems
  • Clock Qualifier for State Clock
  • Mixed State and Timing Mode
  • 4 State Clock Inputs
  • 9 Bit Pattern Generator up to 50MHz
  • Pulse Generator 10ns...40s single and repeat
  • 8 Bit Async Trigger System (shorter longer, PWM etc.)
  • Protocol Support for CAN, USB, ASYNC, I2C....
  • FPGA Onchip Trace Port (optional, see next Tab)


This Timing Analyzer Instrument can connect to all other Debugging or Trace Units. If a Trace Unit is available in the System, then all Trace-Memory has the same Time-Stamp and are correlated to.









PowerProbe Timing Analyzer + SOC Trace

This optional SOC adapter, is a simple way of analyzing internal nodes in FPGAs or ASICS, By intergration of a scanner module up to 1024 channels can be traced inside a silicon system. The SOC adaption is scalable up to 32 multiplexed signals. The Scanner module is controlled by the PowerProbe.

The Scanner module is available in VHDL, Verilog or AHDL.